Benefits of Professional Home Energy Audits

Copeland Home Inspection is proud to offer our clients the most thorough home energy audits available. This helps provide every homeowner with insight into how their homes are performing and areas where they might be wasting money. If you are thinking about having this service done but aren’t sure if you should hire a professional, below are advantages that make our help well worth taking advantage of.

1. Professional Assessment Techniques

A DIY energy audit might help you learn what types of windows your home has, but if you don’t know the specific areas to look at, you could miss out on a lot of other information. Our auditors go through extensive training and use the best assessment tools to give our clients the most accurate information possible. The tools we use in particular are incredibly accurate and can pinpoint areas where you’re losing energy and therefore spending more money.

2. Helpful Advice

What are the right solutions for your home’s energy issues? With a professional auditor helping you out, you will get questions and helpful advice. Our company in particular makes sure our clients understand all of their options to increase their home’s energy efficiency. After all, our goal is to help save you money and make your home more comfortable!

3. Thorough and Efficient

Because professional auditors have vast experience with inspections, they can get the job done much more efficiently than amateurs. If you’re on a time crunch or just want to resolve your energy issues quickly, this is a great option. The small cost will make your life a lot easier and give you time to do other projects around your home.

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